Visual Products (HK) Limited 

Facing the huge demand of energy saving and environmental eco-friendly products in the world, at the time in early 2009, Visual Products (HK) Ltd., which established in the year 2000, has developed and introduced a new state of the lighting technology to the world of industrial, commercial & residential lighting solutions with its Powerful LED Module.

In the past 15 years, our lighting solutions & fixtures products aim at further reduce energy consumption, operational costs and maintenance as well as providing environmental eco source of lighting. Customers in commercial fields: Asia Hollywood 寰亞電影集團, Head Music, NewWorld TMT 新世界集團, JLL仲量聯行, Café De Coral 大家樂集團, Food Republic, Rea Tea Adult Centre, RAW Physical Centre, Fantasy Kitchen(USA), Yishion 以純連鎖服裝(PRC), ISS East Point 海港花園, Mainetti萬景集團(PRC), etc..

Visual Products (HK) Ltd. continues to further improve its next generation of LED Modules, which includes increasing the brightness and efficiency of the products, new designs/applications and enhancing its competitiveness by diversifying into new products and technical know-how through ongoing research and development.

Through our outstanding technology, we started further diversify our products to meet the different demands, NGO, EUs like: Universities, Secondary, Primary & Kindergarten schools, for energy efficient LED products that replaces all the conventional lights. These applications comprise markets for street lighting, industrial lighting, household lighting, automotive lighting and domestic needs etc.

Around the middle of 2018, Visual Products (HK) Ltd. started establishing a widely EU network bases in Hong Kong and overseas to provide immediate services and prompt delivery through partnership with local institutions and government authorities.

Following the fast and giant wheel turning of Multimedia Technologies, Artificial Intelligent Technology is running fast in the technology market especially in the Education Field; AI Robot Technology is the most popular learning and complying solutions all across the education subjects and projects for STEM & STEAM teaching & learning Education.

Visual Products (HK) Ltd. is in the stream flow of the AI ROBOT.